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Terms of service

Software licenses

The OSN platform is completely implemented using opensource software.

Media resources

If any image, video or digital media infringes any copyright law, please put in contact with us and we will remove the content as soon as possible.

API limits

The OSN Platform API allows up to 10000 uploads and 10000 queries per day. This means 3 uploads/queries per minute. If these limits do not fit your requirements, please do not hesitate to put in contact with us.

Data restrictions

It is completely forbidden to upload copyrighted resources without permission and offensive content. If any uploaded dataset infringes any copyright law or it is considered as offensive, the moderator will ban the dataset owner and delete the entire dataset.

Data manipulation

The dataset owner allows the manipulation of the data by the OSN Platform and associated Third Parties. The user must be informed of this in the moment of the registration.